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Biden proposes summit with Putin amid tensions over Ukraine

 U.S. President Joe Biden proposed a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a telephone call on Tuesday in which he stressed the U.S. commitment to Ukraine's territorial...


Baltic states warn EU on China and Russia espionage

 Lithuania has banned a Chinese tech firm on security grounds, while Estonia warned the EU on the dangers of both Chinese and Russian espionage.


Why attempts to reset relations with Russia fail

Offering ‘resets’ to Russia does not work. On the contrary, a more muscular approach to the country will yield results



De ce a renunțat Rusia la Crimeea acum 60 de ani?

Peninsula Crimeea a făcut parte din Rusia începând cu anul 1783, când imperiul țarist o anexează în urma înfrângerii forțelor otomane, până în...


EU’s top diplomat says no to Russia rejoining G7

 The European Union doesn't think Russia should rejoin the G7.


Geopolitics and propaganda: Lessons from the Black Sea

“I wish Georgia had the geographic location of Moldova” a Georgian political leader told me and a group of experts in Washington recently. Georgia and Moldova have much in common, from...


Russia's Constitutional Court becomes accomplice in international crime by legitimizing Crimea annexation – Lithuanian expert

 President of Lithuania's Constitutional Court Dainius Zalimas says Russia's Constitutional Court became an accomplice in an international crime and aggression against Ukraine when it...


Is Putin preparing a new Ukraine strategy?

 Many of the personnel changes announced recently by Russian President Vladimir Putin appear to be of little significance. However, there are indications that a major policy change towards...



 Главное информагентство РФ выдало сенсацию: «Представитель Зеленского: Украина не сможет взять Крым,...


Revisiting the Ukraine- Russia- EU triangular dynamics

 With the narrative that floats around, one is tempted to think that the Ukraine crisis is all about Crimea; that it started and ended there. So what about the internal oblasts like Odessa,...


Germany's Merkel Heads to Moscow Amid Heightened Global Tensions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to travel to Moscow Saturday for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting will likely focus on the Iran crisis, with both Germany and Russia...



Reniță: Dodon îi ducea lui Putin butoaie cu vin ca să-și manifeste vasalitatea față de Kremlin

Gestul președintelui Estoniei, Kersti Kaljulaid, care a ignorat un cadou, o sticlă de șampanie din Crimeea, din partea Federației Ruse, a fost apreciat și de oficialii de la Chișinău.


Investors warming to Putin’s Russia will go cold

A thaw is coming early this Russian winter. Inbound retail and technology investments are hints of improvement in the business climate, and fresh sanctions fears have eased off. But these bright...


ECHR accepts Lithuania’s right to expel Russian propagandists as threat to national security

 The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a complaint lodged by four members of a Russian state-controlled TV channel against their expulsion in 2016 from Lithuania. The decision...


The Kremlin’s Creative Director

How the television producer Konstantin Ernst went from discerning auteur to Putin’s unofficial minister of propaganda. Ernst’s work combines cosmopolitan savviness with subservience...


Will The OSCE ‘Democratize’ Russia’s Occupation in Ukraine’s Donbas?

 Kyiv has co-signed with Russia and the Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics” (DPR, LPR) a commitment to: a) accept the holding of “local elections” in that...


Moldova not recognizing so-called elections in Crimea and Sevastopol

Moldova does not recognize the so-called elections that were held in Russia-annexed Crimea and Sevastopol on September 8, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European...


Film director Oleg Sentsov among 70 released in Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap / VIDEO

 Russia and Ukraine carried out a long-awaited swap of 70 prisoners on Saturday, in a deal hailed by President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “first step” towards ending their conflict.


ECHR to consider Ukraine's ‘Crimean’ lawsuit against Russia in September

 In September, the European Court of Human Rights will consider an interstate case on a lawsuit filed by Ukraine against Russia on March 13, 2014, regarding the violation of human rights in...

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