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DOC. Moldovan candidate for the leadership of United Nations ECE with false income statements

The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Switzerland and the Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Tatiana Molcean Botorovschi, was appointed the Executive Secretary of of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The news was announced yesterday with much pride by the authorities in Chisinau, Moldova, a fact that have raised serious doubts about the profile of this dubious diplomat.

We start with the fact that Tatiana Molcean was appointed Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova by the pro-Russian President Igor Dodon (in November 2017), and her contacts with Moscow’s agents are even known by some in the current Government. Ambassador Molcean was seen repeatedly with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Geneva, was seen with Russian diplomats in Chisinau and Stockholm (where she served as staff in the Embassy), and she made several visits to Moscow.

This diplomat has benefited from a permanent professional ascent managing to move forward during all governments since 2017. During the Plahotniuc regime, she was supported and protected by the acting general mayor of Chisinau at that time, Mr. Ruslan Codreanu, who is the cousin of Molcean’s husband, and who is directly controlled by controversial Serghei Iaralov, a close ally of Plahotniuc and who is now prosecuted for economic crimes in Moldova.

Also Tatiana Molcean is the one that, during the economic crisis at home, a virus pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine, she has promoted the caviar of Victor Gusan from the separatist regime in Tiraspol (Eastern region of Moldova, uncontrolled by national authorities). At one of the pompous receptions organized by the Moldovan Embassy last year, ambassador Molcean-Botorovschi placed officially the stand of the company of Gusan, serving all those invited with the Transnistrian caviar brought illegally into Switzerland.

It is important to mention that while being the Foreign Ministry’s Secretary of State, Molcean has managed the file of the Transnistrian conflict, favoring very often the position of those from the separatist regime Tiraspol under the control of Russian Federation.

Beyond this, Tatiana Molcean and her parents have shares at Moldincombank, from the time when this financial institution was controllef by raider Veaceslav Platon, who has laundered Russian money via Moldovan banks.

The list of direct beneficiaries of the shares from Moldincombank was published by Moldstreet news channel in 2017. What no one has ever made public was the fact that while being as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs during Plahotniuc and Dodon times, she is in fact the shadow person and representative of Veaceslav Platon’s interests. This could be easily verified if we analyze the list of direct shareholders of Moldincombank Bank.

For example, the company “ACM-Muncesti” is one of the beneficiaries from Moldincombank and has as some of its co-founders the parents of Ambassador Molcean Botorovschi, but also on her personal name Molcean (Botorovschi being her midden name).

This diplomat does mention this company in one of her public income statements, but not in all of them.

In addition to the share held by the company “ACM-Muncesti” at Moldincombank, in the period of 2016-2017, when Eurasia’s number one raider Veaceslav Platon was already in prison, the parents of Ambassador Molcean Botorovschi became owners of additional shares of Moldincombank. In this case, directly in their own names, not on their companies.

It’s a grave violation that Molcean has never declared these shares of Moldincombank.

Tatiana Molcean-Botorovschi is the marriage god-daughter of Moldova’s Ambassador to Japan, Dumitru Socolan, who is the nephew of Zinaida Greceanii, an old soviet communist with direct ties to Kremlin.

Another controversial detail is that both Molcean (god-daughter) and Socolan (godfather) have both held at the same time the positions of the Secretaries of State at Moldova’s Foreign Ministry, contrary to legal norms of the Labour Code and the Law on Diplomatic Service. Being second degree relatives, they were in obvious conflict of interests, which they both decided to hide and not to declare.

All these violations, are only some of the details that reflect the fact that Tatiana Molcean is an obscure, dangerous and with no integrity whatsoever.

Probably, the Government from Chisinau should reconsider its aplauses and to act in conformity with the requirements of the National Integrity Agency of the Republic of Moldova.

It is absolutely imperative that there is a need to examine the declaration of income and assets of Ambassador Molcean, including the one which she was obliged to file in the first 30 days from the date of her appointment as the Secretary of State, but she chose not to do that. This mandatory document cannot be found in the database of the National Integrity Agency.

It is curious that in 2020, another news channel has touched on this topic after the first preliminary investigation.

Will this article raise awareness of the National Integrity Agency or will the Government choose to close its eyes and will continue to promote to the United Nations this obscure person, which knew how to maintain its power position during all of the Governments, thanks to the support of Veaceslav Platon (currently hiding in the UK) and of the separatist regime from Tiraspol.

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