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‘No pig deserves this name’ – wild boar named ‘Putin’ set to be renamed after huge outcry

The 200kg animal lives in a wild park in Upper Franconia near Nuremberg, Germany. As a young boar piglet, it was named by its owner after Vladimir Putin, because it was of Russian origin, Bild reported. However, now that Russia’s horrific war against Ukraine has sparked a global outcry, the poor animal will have to be renamed, so as not to resemble the Russian President.

Eckard Mickisch, the owner of the wild boar, told Bild: “By now, it has turned out that no pig deserves such a name.”

Mr Mickisch, who owns the Waldhaus Mehlmeisel wild park, has decided to stop calling ‘Putin’ by his name, and instead give him a new one.

Referring to Vladimir Putin, Mr Mickisch says: “It’s beneath all dignity what this man is doing.”

In order to decide the pig’s new name, Mr Mickisch will conduct an online vote, calling friends and visitors of the zoo to have their say on what the new name should be.

Families visiting the park to see the animals are left with a negative impression over the current name of the wild boar.

A wild boar
Russian wild boars can grow to weigh a lot more than their European relatives (Image: Getty)

Mr Mickisch said: “Children come there with their mothers, they are laughing and happy – and suddenly the name ‘Putin’ comes up.”

He added: “Out of respect for these people alone, the name has to go.”

‘Putin’, the wild boar, is four years old and weighs 200kg.

The zoo operator said that ‘Putin’ was sociable, but in his herd of 21 animals in the wild boar enclosure, he is a leader.

Mr Mickish said: “When he comes to the feeding trough, everyone slides to the side.

“But he is not a dictator.”

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