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We at War

It must remain our goal, says the Federal Chancellor, that Russia does not win this war. “With all the decisions we take, we will make sure that NATO partners do not become parties to the war.”

“It must remain our goal that Russia does not win this war.”

Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, said these two sentences in the Bundestag on Wednesday. They were uttered within a few minutes of each other.

If we were neutral and impartial and Sarah Wagenknecht had a governing majority, then our goal would be for Russia to end this war. But we are not. Our goal is and “must remain”, as Olaf Scholz quite rightly put it, that Russia loses this war. We, Germany, the Germans, our Bundestag majority, and our Federal Government, our collectively binding and democratically legitimized decisions, are actively striving to achieve Russia’s defeat. We are taking sides in this war.

But must not become a party to it.

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