Alertele de raiduri aeriene se opresc în Ucraina, nu şi la Lugansk: 7 răniţi în Harkov, în urma unui ”atac masiv” rusesc cu rachete

Alertele de raiduri aeriene s-au oprit vineri în Ucraina – însă nu şi în regiunea Lugansk (est) -, după ce autorităţile ucrainene au avertizat cu privire la un atac rusesc cu rachetă la scară largă.

Rusia a lansat atacuri aeriene vizând infrastructuri considerate ”critice” în oraşele Zaporojie (sud) şi Hmelniţki (vest), dar şi în regiunea Harkov (nord-est), au anunţat autorităţile locale.

7 persoane au fost rănite în Harkov, anunţă şeful Administraţiei Militare regionale Oleg Sînegubov.

Apărarea antiaeriană ucraineană a ripostat în regiunile Ivano-Frankivsk, Liov, Viniţia, Kiev, Poltava şi Odesa, potrivit autorităţilor locale.

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  1. Dear citizens and leaders, I am a well-wisher and wanted to give my input on several aspects that are affecting Iran and some other nations. Recently, an Italian mercenary and his Eastern European friend have been framing Russians for various crimes. He and a powerful Ukrainian Jewish mafia leader personally created Boko Haram and other terror networks in Africa, such as ISIS and he framed Muslims for it. This criminal creates fake group such as Al Qaeda or some other terrorist Arabic name and carries out crimes, and framed a group of Muslims to kidnap civilian journalist and execute those hostages. However, recently, he also targeted Iran, because he is upset that Tehran is behaving as an ally to Moscow. Very few people know that a foreign group paid some people to wear Iranian police uniforms and ordered them to torture women in the name of Alla and beat them to death. Those mercenaries were ordered to threaten and beat women for not wearing the scarf, and to do it in front of camera, and some local police were also threatened to obey, and if they did not listen, the foreign mercenary leaders said they would pimp out their daughter, and they had no choice but to listen. No one in the world and neither the Iranians know that the country is full of foreign agents, and many of the protestors were also paid by the same group and supplied with weapons to start a riot and revolution using this fake crime.
    This dangerous mercenary leader who targeted Iran will soon hire his Israeli, French, and Italian operatives to create many small terror groups such as Hashd al-Shaabi and Hezbollah to volunteer and help the official Tehrani leadership to suppress its people. But it is a trap because this mercenary leader will use his own freelance operatives to pose as Iranian government agents or morality police and their job is to beat and sexually assault women and young girls all over Iran, so that the members of the public genuinely become enraged with the government and takes to the street in order to topple the government. This criminal hates all Muslims so he wants to overthrow the Iranian government and replace it with his puppet administration, but before he does that, he will cause chaos by using protesters. He will follow the same tactic he used while starting a revolution in Syria, and he used Syrian Sunni protesters to start a civil war. Now, he will make all Western media support these Iranian protesters and encourage them to overthrow the regime, but as soon as the new government comes, he will pay his ground operatives to dress up as a protester and become a violent and crazed group like ISIS. This will force all foreign governments to abandon support for the Iranian protesters. Then he will make the puppet leaders in Tehran give chemical attacks on those protesters, drawing condemnation from the UN, and resulting in more sanctions. Eventually, he will make that fake government give a nuclear attack on Russia, in order to force Russia to strike back and utterly destroy Iran. This will cause a massive exodus, where millions of Iranians will try to escape the country and become refugees in various western countries, but this Italian-American mercenary will also frame those Iranian refugees as well, by framing them for various attacks and bombings.
    Recently, this mercenary leader hired his operatives to frame many Spanish, Mexican and Brazilian and other South American leaders and entrepreneurs for many of his crimes. This Italian-American criminal is like the mafias, who cannot tolerate anyone defying his authority, and he targeted the region of South America because he thinks the Spanish people are free and brave, and will refuse to boycott Russia. Mexican and South American leaders should try to find out where this Italian mafia leader is operating from and try to capture and imprison this man before he manages to overthrow all of the governments in Venezuela, Brazil or Chile. This criminal also tried to shoot the Pakistani former leader in order to prevent him from returning to power, because he wants to place his own agent in the PM’s seat and use that man to control Pakistan’s defense. His main agenda is to allow the current Taliban regime full access to the defense system in Islamabad. This mercenary sent his operatives to execute the leader of Argentina who was agreeing to help Russia. The attempt made on the life of former Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Buenos Aires was orchestrated by this mercenary who weeks before that, carried out the assassination of former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe in Nara city. Several months prior to that, his gunmen killed Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in a raid on his home in Port-au-Prince. The very same group tried to kill the former leader of Pakistan this week.
    The leaders of Afghanistan who are claiming to be Taliban are not Muslims. They are almost all agents of this mercenary leader, and many of them are ex-Muslims who have been paid a lot of money to carry out various crimes against women and eventually invade Pakistan and steal all their radioactive weapons. However, before the fake Taliban leaders invade Pakistan, carry out mass sexual assault on Pakistani women in the name of Alla and Mahomet, and conduct mass execution of children in order to make the world hate Muslims. Since this mercenary leader wants to ensure Islamabad is completely under his control, and therefore, he will only place his own trusted criminals in positions of power.
    Unfortunately, most people in the world do not know that this mercenary is controlling countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and is using his mercenaries to carry out crimes in order to frame Muslims. You will soon see how the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan soon starts to do the same things ISIS in Syria had done, and they will claim to be doing those evil things in the name of Alla, but the reality is the foreign mercenary is making them do those crimes.
    This criminal believes Iranian people are smart and civilized, and that is why he is trying so hard to overthrow this regime. Iranians should investigate their police and other government agencies, because many of the leaders and police in Iran have been paid or threatened by the mercenary leader, who intends to make them carry out more crimes in the name of Islam. Those foreign operatives in Tehran are being used to hand out weapons to protestors. This Italian-American criminal will make protestors fire live rounds at police so that the police have to defend themselves, and inadvertently start a massacre. Alternatively, he hired thousands of men who speak fluent Farsi, and they are dressed in the uniforms of Iranian morality police and their only job is to publicly beat women to death, sexually assault school girls, and execute them in the name of the Islamic Revolutionary government. He also built a huge lab in Armenia where he will kidnap Afghan and Iranian children in order to brainwash and condition their minds to force them to become suicide bombers. His agenda is to make even Muslim children look like terrorists.
    Very few people know that the Iranian woman was not killed in the hands of police, but was rather planted and poisoned beforehand by an Italian mercenary leader and his Eastern European monk friend, who tried to use the woman and killed her so that the common people become angry at the state and religious clerics. I hope people don’t vent too much anger at the Iranian government. May the Almighty protect Iran from being framed and save these nations from getting into civil war.
    Recently, this Italian mercenary and his Eastern European friend have been framing Russians for various crimes. He and a powerful Ukrainian Jewish mafia leader personally created Boko Haram and other terror networks in Africa, such as ISIS and he framed Muslims for it, but since Russia tried to stop the criminal, the Italian-American mercenary leader recently began to pay his operatives to pose as Russian soldiers and give fake interviews about how they were tortured by their bosses. He also paid and threatened several real soldiers of the Russian Armed and Air forces to write and publish memoirs and novels about their experiences in Ukraine. His orders to them are simple: to make the Russian army appear very violent and cruel. This man and the Ukrainian Jewish criminal leader used billions of dollars to stage fake videos of massacres and hired prostitutes to give false interviews about Russian soldiers and lie about getting sexually assaulted. These mercenaries are hiring criminals to wear Russian uniforms and carry out horrific crimes to make Russians look bad. Unfortunately, most people in the world are victim of this deception.
    There is a dangerous foreign group who wants to overthrow the Iranian government and make a civil war take place in Iran like Syria. They want to frame the government for violent actions and also wants to frame the people against the government the way they framed ISIS whose members were fighting against the Syrian government, but in reality, ISIS members were all this Italian man’s mercenaries.
    The foreign mercenary who wants to kill all Iranian nationals is using the media to make people of Iran angry so they attack their government. Then he will attack both the government and frame the local antigovernment people for starting this riot, and he will frame the government and bomb the local mosques and people. He did exactly that in Syria. This mercenary leader wants to destroy Iran and is trying to attack Saudi Arabia using Iranian made weapons. In reality those weapons are made in Europe with Iranian tags attached. He is using isolated personal incidents or even random tragedies to anger the Iranian people enough to rally against their government. The 22-year-old woman who died had several enemies, and possibly had a personal jilted spouse or someone who purposefully targeted her to be treated so harshly. But if a civil war breaks out in Iran, too many people would suffer. Millions of women will be dead and sexually assaulted and this man who wants to destroy entire Arabia and Iran, will then start to frame antigovernment people as violent. Because after giving the uprising in Syria he started framing the anti-government people as ISIS primarily because he did not want the media to show mercy on them. This is the reason he always uses, and makes one government fight the other, and destroy each other’s domain. He is trying to destroy all Muslims, by making Sunni and Shia groups fight one another. For example, he is constantly launching missiles at Saudi Arabia and makes them believe that Yemeni Shia locals attacked them. He then makes the Saudi king enough angry to start bombing those places in Yemen. But it is sad, that both parties are portrayed as evil by the media, when they have no idea that the real culprit was the mercenary man.
    However, this man is very powerful and has fifty trillion dollars backing him up, so it will be difficult to stop him. Please try to locate him and arrest him before he tries to attack any more nations. This man is already targeting Iran by creating a fake story about the Morality police and their brutality because he is angry at Iran for helping and supporting Moscow.
    I believe one of the reasons this mercenary leader is so powerful is that he was able to break into a secure vault inside a monastery that contained the staff of Moses, believed by many to contain power. Whoever in the world has possession of this item manages to have full control over the world, media, and governments.
    This dangerous Italian mercenary leader has a Ukrainian Jewish group helping him and they frame Muslims to Russians because he is upset at Moscow’s interference in Syria and wants it to stop, so he threats some random goat herder or Arab or Iranian villager and force him to kidnap or torture Russian servicemen, but it is actually one of his favorite tricks, that he always likes to pin the most heinous crimes on innocent Muslims or harmless people. In Ukraine, he uses mercenaries and other operatives to dress in Russian uniform and hurt civilians, and recently, he did the same in Mali and plans to do such frame jobs in other countries in Africa. Those Muslim men have no choice but to admit to torturing Russian men but they are being forced to admit to crimes and attacks under torture, because if they don’t admit it, the Italian man will destroy and hurt their families. Many Iranian officers are also paid and threatened by this Italian mercenary and they may be forced to carry out bombing in public, and say Tehran ordered it. Please do not believe those confessions or videos, because they are fake.
    This war in Ukraine that is being fought against Russia is being controlled by foreign mercenaries and skilled hackers who are paid millions of dollars by the Italian mercenary. If you really want to stop this Italian criminal and his Ukrainian Jewish friends, then you will have to go to Africa, Mali, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Turkey, and find out all the men who have been working as freelance operatives for this Italian man and the Eastern European monk. They have trillions of dollars to fund them, so please try to take away all their money. Only then will they stop.
    If you do not stop them now, this Italian man will frame Iranian Muslims and attack Russia. However, countries like North or South Korea may also be targeted by this Italian mercenary, because he destroys anyone who finds out that ISIS and the other terror groups are fake. Many Russian officials know the truth about this criminal, but they are being targeted. Please only contact Moscow in secret, otherwise the Italian criminal and his Eastern European monk friend will nuke Moscow and frame Tehran or some other sensitive nation for it. He already planned to use his mercenaries to kill female prisoners in Iranian jails, and then he will use this fake news to enrage the people and make them start a riot and overthrow the government. This criminal already tortured and killed many Russian Spetznaz, black ops, Wagner, and other mercenaries who work for Moscow and framed Arabs and Iranians for it. He has already employed thousands of Mossad and Israeli operatives to work for him and they speak Farsi and Arabic and pretend to be Muslim, so please try to be aware that every news you read or hear may be only half-truth.
    Thanks for reading this message.

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